Done and Dusted !

The Burner is OVER !

It's time for PRIZES!!!

So why request the top 3 videos?

To verify the score of the 1st place who will the prize of the week;

This week's prize for to the WINNER of EACH Division is;

-1 x 1kg WPC True Protein -1 x 2.2lb Bottle -1 x True Protein Shaker -1 x True Protein Gym Bag Total value over $100 *If the same person wins 2 weeks in a row, the prize will go to the 2nd position.

We will also be giving away a pair of ground passes to the Australian Open 2017, which will be drawn in between the top 3.

If your score is correct you will enter the draw & the winner will be announced - Wednesday MIDDAY. *Same conditions apply, a winner can't win the tickets.

For example; if 2nd position won the tickets & still finish 2nd then the 4th position will go in the draw if their video is verified.

We will also randomly give a pair of tickets. This week's division is Masters. The winner this week is athlete - Grant West of CrossFit Armidale .

Masters Female 1- Jodie Lea - CrossFit Warragul 3820 2- Julia Higgs - Crossfit North Head 3- Julie O'Riley - Unique Physique Southside & CrossFit 4118

Male 1- Bradley Hall - CrossFit South Wharf 2- Jean-Francois Tremblay - CrossFit Quebec City 3- Miles Jovanoski - Crossfit North Gong


Female 1- Kate Samson - NXT Level Traralgon 1- Aude Reubrecht - Prime Function Personal Training 3- Terrie Hahne - Unique Physique Southside & CrossFit 4118

Male 1- James Damyon - CrossFit Verde 2- Manuel Kolle - Crossfit Shellharbour City 3- Chris Wyatt - CrossFit Lactic

Intermediate Female 1- Shannon Macgregor - CrossFit Cranbourne 2- Jennifer Vong - Picton CrossFit 3- Donna Shallue - CrossFit Unrest

Male 1- Matty Laver - We Are PLAY 2- Will Daehwi Choi - INDEPENDENT 3- Michael Steain - Crossfit Shellharbour City

Advanced Female 1- Karina Henwood - CrossFit Unrest 2- Cait Lee - XFC Powerhouse 3- Chelsea Walker - CrossFit MSD

Male 1- David James - Road 2 Victory CrossFit - Inverell 2- Ben Janssen - CrossFit Mode 3- Sean Moffat - CrossFit Unrest

We will be emailing you shortly requesting the link of your workout, please email the link before Tuesday 10PM @

Thank You !


Photo Credit @Manuel Kolle right after a cheeky 100kg PB.

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