Test 6 - Power 

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TEST 6 - Power

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For weight moved
90 sec cap

15/20 cal row buy in

Max thrusters
(weight is athletes choice)

As prescribed

For weight moved
90sec cap

12/15 cal row buy in  


Max thrusters
(weight is athletes choice)

Total amount of weight moved

eg: 15 reps @ 45kg = 675 or 25 x 30kg = 750

This weight can be any weight you choose!

Athletes select their thruster weight prior to beginning the workout.

The weight selected can not be changed once the workout begins

Clock is set to 90 seconds

Athletes begin on the rower with hands behind their back.

Once the time begins, athletes row their prescribed amount of calories.

Once the prescribed calories are seen on the rower screen, the athlete may get off the rower and begin their thrusters.

Workout is complete once the 90 second timer sounds.



Athletes start on the rower with hands behind their back until the clock begins.

Athletes cannot make an attempt to get off the rower until they see the required calories are met.

The damper setting and foot positions may be adjusted by the athlete at any time during the row.


The barbell will start from the ground.

When taking the barbell from the ground, athletes can choose to either power clean the barbell to the shoulders and then go into a thruster, or you can do a full squat clean into the thruster.

On each repetition, at the bottom of the movement the hip crease must go below the top of the knee and at the top of the movement the knees, hips and arms must be fully extended, with the bar directly over mid-foot.

A front squat and push press is permitted, however a push jerk is not permitted and will be classed as a no rep.

Athlete must select thruster weight before the workout begins

Weight can not be changed during the 90sec window.