Test 6 - Power 

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TEST 6 - Power

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Test 6 - Power

For time - 3min cap

5, 10, 15m out & back shuttle sprint x 2 (120m)
30 thrusters
5, 10, 15m out & back shuttle sprint x 2 (120m)




Score is for time.  If athlete does not complete the test within the set time, then score is CAP plus reps COMPLETED

Shuttle run score - Every 5m completed is worth 1 rep.
This means the entire workout will have 
120m shuttle = 24 reps
30 thrusters = 30 reps
120m shuttle to finish = 24 reps
78 reps TOTAL (this is clear on the score card)

Example: If an athlete has touched the 10m marker on trip 2 of the final shuttle their score would be 
24 reps (first block of shuttles)
30 for thrusters 
5m out and back = 2 reps, 10m and back = 4 reps, 15m out and back = 6 reps, 5m out and back = 2 reps, 10m just out = 2 Total for last shuttle would be = 16 

Total Test score 24 + 30 + 16 = 70 

Athletes foot must touch each line to count (it doesn't have to cross completely)

The barbell will start from the ground.
When taking the barbell from the ground you can choose to either power clean the barbell to the shoulders and then go into a thruster, or you can do a full squat clean into the thruster.
On each repetition, at the bottom of the movement the hip crease must go below the top of the knee and at the top of the movement the knees, hips and arms must be fully extended, with the bar directly over mid-foot.
A front squat and push press is permitted, however a push jerk is not permitted and will be classed as a no rep.

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