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2020 Video Standards

• Athlete is required to have reviewed ALL movement & workout standards prior to completing the tests including any demonstration videos provided • We recommend using the WeTime: Video timing platform app for videoing and uploading your workout. We have set this up specific tour our event and workouts. To redeem click . Use the code: WEPRM for free access. You may also use YouTube, Vimeo or your own hosted file. • Prior to starting each workout, athletes MUST: State name, age, category, division and state. Athletes must include video evidence and specify the appropriate equipment required and used for each workout eg. Barbell, weight plates so the loads are clearly visible, measure box height, measure & mark floor with correct distances (where necessary) • A clock or timer, with the running workout time must be clearly visible if not using a timing app that has the time on the screen. The clock must remain in the frame throughout the entire workout. • Athlete MUST also remain in the video frame for the duration of each workout. • All video submissions MUST be uncut/unedited to allow an accurate display of the workout performance. • Each workout video submitted must show a time and date stamp. • Videos must be filmed from an angle that ensures all movements are visible and meet required movement standards. Any video filmed with a fisheye lens or similar, will be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses cause. • ANY athlete found to have altered the equipment or movements described by The Aussie Throwdown in the workout standards will be penalised. Photo credit: Anthony Rogers Photography


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