Test 2 - Strength

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Test 2: Strength
20min on the clock

5RM Deadlift
5RM Bench Press

📌 Deadlift and Bench can be completed in any order as long as you find a 5rm for both within the 20 minutes

📌 TEST 1 - AEROBIC CAPACITY and TEST 2 - STRENGTH may be completed separately and submitted by 10am AEST on March 4th

SCORE: Your score is successful weight lifted for 5 reps of Deadlift combined with successful weight lifted for 5 reps of Bench press *example: 120 DL + 80 = 200kg - Athlete score would be 200kg

NOTE: Lifts can be in any order that athlete chooses

This is a standard deadlift with the hands outside the knees, any grip is permitted but sumo deadlifts are not allowed.
The barbell begins on the ground and must touch the ground between each rep.
At the top of the movement the athlete’s knees and hips must be fully extended, with the shoulders behind the bar.
The arms must be straight throughout and deliberate bouncing of the bar is not allowed.
Athlete may touch and go OR lower and reset
Reps must be started and finished (locked out) in 20sec for 5rm set to count
Chalk and injury prevention/protection such as tape are permitted.
Sticky substances or anything used for advantage are prohibited. Belts are permitted.

The bench press starts with the barbell fully racked.
On 3,2,1 go the athlete may set hands in position and begin movement
Movement begins at with arms fully extended with the bar over the chest
Shoulders must stay in contact with the bench
At the bottom of the press, the barbell must touch athletes chest
A single rep is complete once arms return to full extension above chest Spotter is encouraged for safety BUT if they touch the bar on UNRACK or RERACK then the rep is not valid - No rep!




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