Test 4 - Mixed Modal 

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TEST 4 - Mixed Modal 

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For time - 10min cap

50 HANG power clean
40 wall ball
30 power snatch
20 stationary front rack/rear stepping lunge
10 ring muscle ups


Barbell 35/50kg
wall ball 6/9kg @ 9/10ft

Barbell 25/35kg
Wall ball 6/9kg @ 9/10ft
No muscle ups!!

*SCALED, the test is complete after the lunges!

*INTERMEDIATE & MASTERS, DO NOT STRESS if you can no do muscle ups...It's programmed in a way that most (almost all) of you will not get to this point (If you do, that is an exceptional effort!)

TIE BREAK: RX, Intermediate & Masters
Athletes must take a tie break time after the 20 lunges are complete!

*TEST 3 - GYMNASTIC SKILL & TEST 4 - MIXED MODAL may be completed separately (different days is fine) and submitted any time before March 18th @10am AEST

Score is for time. If athlete does not complete the test within the set time, then score is CAP plus reps COMPLETED

SCALED does not attempt muscle ups. The test is complete after the 20 lunges.

Bar must start from the hang.
Any repetitions starting from the ground must achieve a deadlift lockout (hips and knees fully extended, shoulders behind the bar) before re-dipping to initiate the hang power clean.
Bar can not pass below the top of knee for it to be classed as a hang clean.
The barbell must travel from hang (anywhere between the knees and the hips) to the shoulders with the athlete receiving the bar above a parallel squat position.
Each rep finishes with bar racked on shoulders and elbows clearly in front of the bar with the hips and knees fully extended.
Cleaning the barbell from the ground in one continuous motion is not permitted.

The medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, hip crease below the knee and thrown to hit the specified target.
The centre of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified target height. If the ball hits lower or does not hit the wall, the rep does not count!
Athlete must squat below parallel for the rep to count.

The Barbell must go directly from the ground to overhead in one motion, without stopping at the shoulders or touching the body anywhere above the hips.
The barbell must come to full lockout overhead with the hips, knees and arms fully extended, the bar directly over the heels, and the feet together.
A clean and jerk is not permitted.

The barbell is supported by the top of the shoulder, or at shoulder height.
Elbows must be clearly in front of the barbell.
Athlete steps backwards with one leg while bending the front leg until the back knee touches the ground and then rise until both knees and hips are brought back together and locked out before proceeding with the next lunge.
A pause at the top of each repetition is not required.
The athlete must alternate legs successively.

The movement begins in a dead hang on the rings and arms fully extended. (It is not strict, you can swing from here)
Feet must be off the ground at the bottom of each repetition.
At the top, athletes must have elbows fully locked out while supporting themselves above the rings.
Heels must not rise above the bottom of the rings during the kip.

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